The fiber reaches our body free of toxins and is eudermic. Hemp is characterized by a good regulation of humidity for the human body as well as its ability to dry fast and resist stains. That is why a piece of clothing made from hemp has to be washed less often. It is more tearproof and has a higher tensile strength than for example a piece of clothing made from cotton and will therefore be much more durable. The fiber keeps you cold in the summer and warm in the winter, is antistatic and provides protection from ultraviolet light as well as an antibacterial effect. Touching hemp compares to touching linen, your piece of clothing will get softer after each washing. Our fabrics are not died as it is currently still very difficult to die hemp fabrics with colors that are ecologically friendly.

Hemp from Romania

It is not easy to find hemp fabrics produced in Europe as the main growing area of hemp is currently found in China. We have found a hemp fabric producer in Romania that we will visit in 2019 in order to convince ourselves that he lives up to our standards of sustainability.


Your pieces of clothing are being produced at the highest possible quality standard using green electricity.


Trimmings such as zippers, threads or buttons etc. will be purchased from German producers as for as possible.


Your item will be sent to you wrapped in ecological plastic that is 100% compostable.
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