hemp as fabric

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Hemp as fabric

After its ban, hemp was more and more forgotten as an important industrial plant. But the advantages of hemp fibres over other natural fibres are enormous. The plant needs no artificial irrigation and no use of pesticides in cultivation. Hemp has a greater durability compared to other natural fibres. The fibre is non-toxic and skin-friendly. Hemp is characterised by a good moisture regulation for the human body, dries quickly and is dirt-repellent; therefore a hemp garment must be washed less often. It is more tear and tensile resistant than cotton, for example, and therefore more durable. The fibre keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter, is antistatic and has good UV protection as well as an antibacterial effect.

The handle of hemp can be compared with linen, after each wash your garment will become softer.

Hemp is a natural product, there are exciting irregulartities in the weaving and dyeing of the fabric.

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